AMG Super

AMG Super is a boutique superannuation fund established in 2000 as a joint initiative between DDH Graham Limited and Pension Investments Limited. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of members and help achieve their retirement goals.

To do this, AMG provides flexible investment options, allowing members to have a more hands-on approach to managing their superannuation.

Members, through a qualified financial adviser, are able to create a portfolio of listed Australian shares to suit their current investment needs in the same way as a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), without the burden of maintaining paperwork, trustee compliance and accounting procedures.

AMG Super’s low fees, large investment choice and attention to customer service make it a super fund of choice.

  • AMG Personal Super is designed for people who want to take control of how their super is invested.
  • AMG Pension is designed to allow members to commence a pension whilst maintaining investment flexibility.
  • AMG Corporate Super is an approved MySuper fund, specifically designed to meet the needs of employers and their employees.