Tax Guides

Tax Guides for Managed Fund Investors

To assist in completing your 2015-16 personal income tax return please refer to the following:

  • Tax Statement Guide 2015-16 for the DDH Cash Fund, DDH Fixed Interest Fund, DDH Global Fixed Interest Alpha Fund, DDH Preferred Income Fund,  DDH Australian Shares Fund, DDH Australian Small Companies Fund, Selector Australian Equities Fund, DDH Conservative Fund, DDH Balanced Fund, DDH Aggressive Growth Fund and Joseph Palmer & Sons Property Fund.

These guides have been prepared as general information only and relate specifically to the “Tax Return for Individuals 2016” and “Tax Return for Individuals (Supplementary section) 2016”.

If you are a non-resident for Australian tax purposes or your investment is in the name of a company, trust, partnership. Other association or superannuation fund, you may need to make adjustments to the information provided.

Important: You should contact you taxation adviser if you are unsure about any tax matters.