Selector High Conviction Equity Fund

The Selector High Conviction Equity Fund (Fund) is a wholesale Australian equities fund established to deliver investors superior long-term investment performance.

The Fund may hold significant positions in securities that do not form part of any particular index due to market capitalisation or other index considerations. Consequently, Selector is not distracted by a short-term focus on quarterly or periodic returns.

Selector measures performance against the most important criteria – return to investors – driven by a combination of capital gain and dividend income.

  • Fund Facts

    Inception Date1 November 2004
    APIR CodeSEL0461AU (Class A units)
    SEL6010AU (Class B units)
    StatusOpen (Wholesale & sophisticated investors only)
    TrusteeSelector Funds Management Limited
    Investment ManagerSelector Funds Management Limited
    Fund AdministratorDDH Graham Limited
    Investment ObjectiveTo deliver to investors, superior long-term investment performance by researching and investing in a concentrated pool of securities that can deliver an above average returns over time.

    The return to investors will be driven largely from the movements in security values rather than from income sources such as dividends and distributions. Income from dividends and distributions may also have franking credits attached to them.
    Investment StrategyThe Fund applies a high conviction, concentrated strategy when selecting stocks, which is implemented by applying a fundamental, bottom-up, analytical process which is applied consistently and reviewed continuously.
    Risk/Return ProfileMedium to high
    Minimum Suggested Time Frame5 - 7 years
    Benchmark Asset Allocation100% Australian Shares
    The Fund invests in Australian shares although from time to time cash will be retained by the Fund for operational purposes.
    Investment Requirements
    Minimum Initial Investment$100,000 (Class A units)
    $10,000,000 (Class B units)
    Minimum Additional Investment$50,000 (Class A units)
    $1,000,000 (Class B units)
    Minimum Balance$100,000 (Class A units)
    $10,000,000 (Class B units)
    Minimum Withdrawal$100,000 (Class A units)
    $1,000,000 (Class B units)
    Income distribution frequencyAnnual
    Payment optionsDirect credit or reinvestment
    Fees and Costs
    Establishment feeNil
    Contribution feeNil
    Withdrawal feeNil
    Termination feeNil
    Estimated management costs1.25% p.a. (Class A units)
    0.75% p.a. (Class B units)
    Performance fee15% p.a. of any out performance of the benchmark
    Buy / sell spreads+0.25% / -0.25%

    This is a summary of the key features of the Selector High Conviction Equity Fund – Wholesale. Please refer to the Information Memorandum before making a decision about this product.

  • Unit Prices

    Unit prices are usually calculated daily to reflect changes in accumulated income and market values. Each fund’s assets are revalued in accordance with its constitution. The prices shown below may differ from the actual unit price if you were applying for or redeeming an investment. Your actual unit price will be confirmed following any transactions on your investments.

    Read our Unit Pricing Discretions Policy.

  • Fund Performance

    The above performance figures are net of ongoing fees and expenses and assume all income has been reinvested. They represent past performance and are not indicative of future returns.

    *Inception Date is 01/11/2004.


  • Distributions

    Distributions are the profit earned by the fund which is then paid to investors. Distributions are expressed as cents per unit, for example, if a distribution of 3 cents was paid and you hold 1000 units you will be paid a distribution of $30 (1000 x $0.03). Distributions can include different types of income including; dividends, interest and realised capital gains.

    The unit price of the fund will fall by a corresponding amount when distribution is paid.

    To view the latest distributions for the DDH Managed Funds please click here.

    Distribution tax components

    To view the distribution component information for funds managed by DDH Graham Limited, please click here.

    Please note that these distribution tax components provide general information only and do not take into account your individual taxation or financial objectives, situation or needs. You should not rely on this information for the purposes of completing your income tax returns.

  • Fund Forms

    Application FormApply to invest in the Selector High Conviction Equity Fund - Wholesale
    Additional Application FormApply to invest additional funds in the Selector High Conviction Equity Fund - Wholesale
    Authorised Representative FormAppoint an authorised representative for your account
    Change of Details FormChange your personal account details
    Tax File Number Notification FormNotify us of your TFN
    Transfer FormTransfer funds
    Withdrawal FormWithdrawal Form