About Select CMA & Select TD Accounts?

Westpac and DDH Graham Limited (DDH) have come together to offer a cash management account with an attractive rate of return that incorporates a term deposit facility.

The accounts, open to a full range of investors including self-managed superannuation funds, are exclusively distributed and administered by DDH.

By depositing funds into these accounts you are depositing funds with Westpac.



  • Call Accounts

    Features & Benefits

    Minimum Investment$0
    • Variable interest rate
    • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
    Minimum Additional Deposit/WithdrawalNo minimums apply
    Entry/Exit FeesNil
    Additional Deposit Methods
    • Electronic funds transfer from another account with Westpac or another financial institution
    • Automatic salary deduction
    • Dividend payments
    • Select TD interest payment
    • Cheques mailed to DDH
    • Regular savings plans
    • Direct debit from another account with Westpac or another financial institution
    Withdrawal Methods
    • Via DDH Online Services, to one of your Nominated Accounts with Westpac or another financial institution
    • Via telephone, to one of your Nominated Accounts with Westpac or another financial institution
    • Via email, to one of your Nominated Accounts with Westpac or additional financial institution
    • Transfer to any other account with signed withdrawal request
    • Bank cheque
    • Telegraphic transfers (overseas or within Australia)
    • Periodical payments
    • BPay
    DDH Online Services
    • Withdrawals to one of your Nominated Accounts with Westpac or another financial institution
    • BPay payments to your Nominated BPay Billers
    • View all transactions, from inception
    • Reprint statements and confirmations
    • View full personal details, including regular payments
    • View multiple accounts (including your Select CMA and any Select TDs) under a single login
    • Access account balance and audit confirmations
    Broker/Adviser Features
    • Variable access level options
    • Automated client servicing options
    • Daily data feeds
    • Real time share settlements
    • Online applications
    • Online transactional capabilities (optional)
    Communications, including statements Electronic or hard copy
  • Term Deposit

    Features & Benefits

    Term Deposits are a sub-account/s of the Select CMA

    Minimum Investment$5,000
    Term Available30 days – 5 years
    • Interest fixed for Select TD fixed term - see confirmation issued on established or renewal of Select TD
    • Calculated daily, paid to linked Select CMA
    • Account holder can specify (when Select TD is established or renewed) payment of interest monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually or (Select TDs with terms of 1 year or less) on maturity
    Entry FeesNil
    Exit Fees/Costs Refer to Select CMA Terms and Conditions for details of reduction of interest rate which may result from closing a select TD before the end of a fixed term
    Rate Negotiation On Select TD establishment or rollover, you can via your financial adviser/stockbroker negotiate the interest rate which will apply to the Select TD during the fixed term
    At Maturity Unless otherwise specified, at maturity your principal and interest payable at maturity will be automatically reinvested for the same period as your previous fixed term and with the same interest payment option
    Communications, including statements Electronic or hard copy

    **Rates are able to be negotiated via your licensed financial adviser.

  • Fees and Charges

    Payment services
    Payment honour fee/unauthorised excess fee$9.00 per day
    Returned cheque charge$9.00 per item
    Inward dishonour (Items dishonoured by drawee branch on each presentation)$9.00 per item
    Re-presentation of dishonoured cheque (on a collection basis) and clean bills$20.00 per re-presentation
    Certificate of balance of Account
    • Mailed
    • Via DDH Online Services
    $16.00 per certificate
    Certificate of interest paid or received$16.00 per certificate
    Audit certificate$65.00 per hour or part thereof
    Interest recalculation fee (customer request)$20.00 per recalculation
    Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)$20.00 per settlement
    Trace on RTGS$27.00 per trace
    Inward RTGSNil
    Bank cheques
    Bank cheque purchase$10.00 per cheque
    Bank cheque repurchase$15.00 per cheque
    Bank cheque replacement$25.00 per cheque
    Additional copies of statements
    Additional copies of statements (charge per statement cycle period)
    • Mailed
    • Faxed
    • Via DDH Online Services
    $4.00 per statement
    $4.00 per statement
    Voucher enquiries (includes photocopying)
    Copy of bank cheque after it has been presented (staff assisted)$16.00 per copy
    Voucher held for inspection fee$20.00 per 100 Vouchers
    (Plus out-of-pocket expenses)
    Trace of an item after it has been presented (cheque copy must be obtained first)$35.00 per item
    Periodic payments
    Periodic paymentNil
    Opening an account
    Search fee
    A search fee applies to all businesses, trading names or companies opening an Account or to confirm any changes in name, directorship or structure. The fee is charged unless the Account holder can provide a current search (less than 1 month old). Where multiple searches are required, then the fee is charged per search.
    Foreign items purchased
    Foreign currency cheque negotiated (funds on hold for 20 Business Days)
    • Single lodgement
    • Multiple lodgement (per item)
    Foreign item cheque dishonour fee$32.50 per item
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Foreign bills for collection$40.00 per item
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Inward bills for collection (items received from overseas bank for collection)$40.00 per item
    Telegraphic transfers
    Inward telegraphic transfer
    ($A received or foreign currency received and converted to $A, plus overseas bankcharges)
    • Credited to an account with Westpac
    • Paid to another Financial Institution
    $15.00 per transfer
    $38.00 per transfer
    Overseas telegraphic transfer$20.00 per transfer
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Amendment to payment details$15.00 per transfer
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Cancellation and return of funds$25.00 per transfer
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Trace on telegraphic transfer$25.00 per transfer
    (plus overseas bank charges)
    Government Charges

    TFN withholding tax

    Interest Withholding tax (non-residents)

    49% of interest earned

    10% of interest earned
  • Lodgement Times

    Types of instructionLatest time (Sydney/Melbourne time) for same day processing
    Select CMA instructions
    Application for new Select CMA (same day establishment)2.30 pm
    Transfers to Nominated Accounts submitted through DDH Online Services3.30 pm
    Other transfers to Nominated Accounts (not through DDH Online Services)1.30 pm
    BPay payments (same day payment) submitted through DDH Online Services2.30 pm
    Other BPay Payments (same day payment) (not through DDH Online Services)1.30 pm
    Bank cheque (same day mailing)11.00 am
    Bank cheque (to be collected same day from DDH)11.00 am
    Telegraphic transfers - to any account in Australia3.00 pm
    Telegraphic transfers - to any account overseasTime depends on destination country
    All other withdrawals2.00 pm
    Account closure (same day) 2.00 pm
    Select TD instructions
    Instruction for establishment of new Select TD (same day establishment and funding by transfer from your existing Select CMA)2.00 pm
    Select TD maturity instructions4.30 pm
  • FAQs

    Q: Can I view my Select CMA – Select TD Account online?

    A: Yes, DDH offer Online Services via this website. You can register for Online Services on your Application Form, or by completing an Online Services Registration Form. Your login and password details will then be issued to you.

    Q: How often will I receive a statement on my Select CMA Account?

    A: You can elect to have your statements produced either monthly, quarterly or in half yearly (in January and July each year). Your statements can be either mailed, or available to you online for you to view and print. If you do not select a frequency statements will be produced quarterly in January, April, July & October.

    Q: How do I transfer funds from my Select CMA to a Select TD?

    A: DDH will accept instructions to place a term deposit from your professional adviser, or you upon receipt of a telephone request, email, fax or written instruction.

    Q: Can I enquire or operate my Account via a Westpac Branch?

    A: DDH are the sole administrators of the account, therefore all transaction requests are either processed via DDH’s office, or via Online Services

    Q: How can I update my address or contact details?

    A: As we are conscious of the need to protect the security of your account, all requests to change details of your account must be made in writing. Please complete and sign a Change of Name or Address Form and either fax it back to us, or scan and email the form to moneymarket@ddhgraham.com.au.

    Q: How can I make withdrawals to a third party?

    A: All third party withdrawals must be made in writing, accompanied by your signature. Please complete and sign a Withdrawal Form and either fax it back to us, or scan and email the form to moneymarket@ddhgraham.com.au. You are not required to forward us the original request.

    Please also refer to the lodgement times tab of this table.

    Q: How do I know the interest rate of my CMA?

    A: The interest rate of your Select CMA is generally in line with the Reserve Bank of Australia’s official cash rate. Select TD rates are negotiated on your behalf by your professional Adviser.

    Q: How do I link a bank account to my Money Market Deposit Account?

    A: To link one or more bank accounts to your Money Market Deposit Account simply complete and sign a Account Nomination Form and either fax it back to us, or scan and attach it to an email and forward to moneymarket@ddhgraham.com.au. By linking a bank account to your Money Market Deposit Account you are able to request transfers to the linked account via telephone, fax or email.

    Q: How do I obtain access to my Account via the website www.ddhgraham.com.au?

    A: Online Services registration can be issued by completing and returning an Online Services Registration Form. When the registration is complete we will mail you your login details. To access your details, select Login Here and enter your case sensitive Login and Password. Further assistance can be found in our Guide to Online Services, or by contacting our office.

    Q: How do I register for pre-nominated account withdrawals via Online Services?

    A: To update your existing Online Services functionality, complete and return an Online Services Registration Form ensuring the correct access level is select in Section 3 of the form. Your account will be updated within 3 business days on receipt.

    Q: How can I electronically transfer funds into my Money Market Deposit Account?

    A: For deposits to an existing at-call facility, please use the following details:

    Account Number(your individual account number, ie 6777XXXXX)
    Account Nameyour account name
  • Forms

    Account Nomination FormTo add pre nominated accounts to your account for phone and internet withdrawals
    Adviser Fee Authority FormTo authorise your Financial Adviser/Stockbroker to withdraw ongoing service fees from your account
    Account Application FormTo apply for a Select Cash Management Account
    Appointing/Changing Financial Adviser FormTo appoint a Financial Adviser/Stockbroker on your account
    Appointing an Authorised Signatory FormTo appoint an authorised signatory to your account
    BPay Biller Linking FormTo link a Bpay Biller to your account
    Change of Account Details FormTo change details of your account including statement delivery and frequency
    Change of Name or Address FormTo change the name or address in connection to your account
    Change of Web Limit Request FormTo request a change of your account web limit
    Dividend Instruction FormTo directly credit dividend payments to your account
    Declaration of Overseas Tax Status FormUsed for collection of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) information
    Online Services Registration FormTo apply for access to the online services facility (web)
    Periodic Payment Authority FormTo set up or amend existing periodic payments from your account
    Regular Savings Plan/Direct Debit FormTo start a regular savings plan, amend your existing plan details, or cancel your plan
    Third Party Data Authority - Class SuperEstablish data feeds to Class Super
    Third Party Data Authority - SuperMateEstablish data feeds to SuperMate
    Third Party Full Access - CMC MarketsEstablish full access to CMC Markets
    Third Party Full Access - Open MarketsEstablish full access to Open Markets
    Withdrawal FormTo withdraw funds from your account via cheque or EFT
    Withdrawal Form - BPayTo withdraw funds from your account and pay via BPay
    Withdrawal Form - Overseas TransferTo withdraw funds from your account and pay to an overseas account via telegraphic transfer